How the World’s Largest Bioimaging Study Could Change Our Understanding of Disease

This image shows visceral and subcutaneous fat around the organs in a study investigating T2 diabetes and coronary heart disease risk. Photo courtesy of UK Biobank.

Accelerating Brain Science: From COVID to dementia

The banging and whirring of MRI machines and other imaging technologies are just getting underway for the Repeat Imaging Project. Still, a study spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic has already demonstrated its potential, especially for brain research.

High-resolution brain imaging allows for detailed measurement of brain volume. Photo courtesy of UK Biobank.

Pushing the Limits of Imaging Science

The Repeat Imaging Project will also show us what is needed to help scientists and clinicians get the most out of existing imaging data and gain an even deeper understanding of human biology.

Radiographers review data from an individual in an MRI machine at a UK Biobank imaging center. Photo courtesy of UK Biobank.



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