Accelerating COVID-19 Research with New Single-Cell Technologies

Chan Zuckerberg CELL by GENE Discover (CZ CELLxGENE Discover) gives researchers the power to visualize single-cell datasets and unearth interesting biology in an accessible way. Here, lung tissue data from Tabula Sapiens, a reference set of cells collected from many different tissues, is colored by cell type and filtered to isolate immune cells for further analysis.

Visualizing the cells most vulnerable to COVID-19

By analyzing gene expression patterns using CZ CELLxGENE, researchers have identified cells in the nose, lung (pictured), and saliva that are vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Photo provided by VIB-UGent.

Powering COVID-19 research with reusable data

In another study, HCA researchers identified how the immune response differs between patients with severe COVID-19 and those with no symptoms. The results help explain the progression of COVID-19 to severe disease.

Preparing for future diseases

Researchers can reuse the data in CZ CELLxGENE Discover.



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